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Frog Eggs

Frog Eggs

Since there are many dangers between fertilization and full-grown frogs, frogs lay many eggs at one time. The eggs that die usually turn either white or opaque. When the central yolk splits in half is when a frog's life begins. After that, it divides into four, then eight, etc. Eventually the embryo starts to look like a tadpole by getting longer and moving within its egg. About 6-21 days on average after an egg is fertilized, it will hatch. They are usually hatched in still, calm water to prevent being rumbled about in infancy. Some frogs actually mate in tree branches that are over ponds or streams. The egg masses then form large cocoon-like foamy masses which sometimes dry and cake in the sun to protect inside moisture. After developing for about 7 to 9 days, when rain comes, the foam will drop down into the water, bringing the tiny tadpoles into the water below.


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